About the School

  • Clays Mill Elementary, which sits on a 15-acre site adjacent to Southland Park, provides a child-centered learning environment. We have a strong and involved PTA, and our parents volunteer countless hours for the school. We also host special activities each grading period to celebrate the great honors of each student.

    We meet the learning needs of all students through a variety of teaching techniques, strategies and materials. Students are actively involved in their learning through hands-on activities, flexible grouping, cooperative learning opportunities, and experiences that promote intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth across the curriculum and grade levels. Students also are challenged to excel at high levels and strive to expand their learning.

    Field trips to Pine Mountain and BizTown and in-school programs such as Wax Museum, Poetry Cafe, Country Days, and Science Fair give students a chance to apply content knowledge and skills. The media center, art, music, and wellness classes also enhance the curriculum taught in the regular classroom.



  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to create a collaborative community that ensures all students achieve at high levels and graduate prepared to excel in a global society.

    Guidelines for Success

    • Cooperate with others
    • Always show respect
    • Take responsibility
    • Stay determined