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    Dear Dixie Parents and Families,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to share information with you in the hopes of providing clarity and transparency. This is a quite different school year to say the least. You have been patient, flexible, cooperative, and willing to try new and different ways of learning for students. We have become a team that has worked through these first weeks of school together. As we move forward, we want to make sure that clear communication and collaboration continue.

    The current timeline of Fayette County Public Schools is to return to school in the form of a Hybrid Model sometime the week of November 2nd. The hope is that data would support this face-to-face return for students. Again, the District would look at data before making an official determination. We want to clearly explain how this model will look and give you a better understanding of what exactly is meant by Hybrid.

    Hybrid Model

    50% of the population will attend school in person on Monday/Tuesday, while the other 50% will attend school in person on Thursday/Friday. Wednesday and over the weekend will be deep cleaning and sanitizing days. AA Day students (Monday/Tuesday) will work remotely on Thursday/Friday. BB Day students (Thursday/Friday) will work remotely on Monday/Tuesday. The determination of the two Hybrid groups (AA and BB) will be made by the District with the ability to make minor adjustments at the school level. Wednesdays (which we will call “C” day), will be a day that all will be working virtually from home very much like the schedule you are following now. Some teachers may use Wednesday to conference with individual students and also follow up on groups who may need additional feedback and support

    Virtual(Remote) Learning Days

    • Grade Level teachers will provide assignments and expectations of work completion and or login times for these days.
    • Virtual (Remote) Learning Days will look very similar to the “at home” schedules now. Our hope is not to make things more confusing.
    • Intervention, Special Education, ELL and GT services will continue as scheduled per individual students
    • Special Area classes will occur daily with free choice menu on Wednesdays only. All other days will be a regular special area schedule.
    • Individual Conferences and specific follow up with students can occur on Wednesdays
    • Imagine Learning work, along with Science and Social Studies will occur on remote learning days

    The Hybrid Classroom

    • Classrooms will be at half capacity or less.
    • Students will face in the same direction, with social distancing of 6ft or more, and masks will be worn.
    • Pathways for entering and exiting the classroom space will be denoted by floor markings.
    • Students will not be working in small groups.
    • Students will have their own materials.
    • Students will be required to keep all of their belongings at their seats, as cubbies will not be used.


    • Breakfast will be served in the classroom each morning.
    • Students will travel directly to classrooms upon arrival.


    • Students will travel to the cafeteria to pick up lunch on a specified schedule so as not to cross paths with any other class. Social distancing and masks apply.
    • Students will return to classroom to eat lunch.
    • Students who bring their lunch will remain in classroom.


    • Students will have recess in the form of a designated break time.
    • Playgrounds are closed for all schools.
    • Teachers may take students on a walk outside and/or movement break. Social distancing and masks apply.


    • Students will have a scheduled class time for a restroom break. Primary students will only stay on primary side. Intermediate will only stay on intermediate side. Social distancing and masks apply.
    • Students may request to go to the restroom individually and will be monitored to ensure safety protocols and social distancing.

    Special Area Classes

    • Students will attend PE, Art, Library and Science Lab in person. Social distancing and mask protocols will apply.
    • Students will attend Music and Chinese on virtual days.
    • Wednesdays will be student choice day for specials and a menu of items will be provided.

    Additional Information

    • Dixie Magnet Elementary will always follow CDC guidelines and provide the safest learning environment possible.
    • Masks will be required for ALL students at ALL times with the exception of when a student is eating or drinking.
    • Dixie Magnet Arrival/Dismissal Times: Upon a return to in-person learning, Dixie will begin arrival at 7:05am with the morning bell ringing at 7:35am. Dismissal would begin at 2:25pm.
    • Continue virtual learning may be an option moving forward and if that is the case we will work with our families to provide those options as updated information from FCPS is provided.
    • You may also hear language such as “targeted instruction”. This is a form of small group instruction that is scheduled to be implemented beginning October 19th . The focus would be groups of students needing additional support based on data. This option is doable when Hybrid is not in place. The initial focus at Dixie will be to target those students who have not had access to instruction because of lack of internet and/or needed devices. We aim to support this small group up until the week of November 2nd . If NTI2DL instruction continues, we would discuss needs for expanding targeted groups at that time.

    Please watch for email communication from the District regarding a survey requesting your input about returning to school in person vs. continuing in a virtual format. We value your opinions as we move forward.

    Please reach out if you have additional questions and we will continue to keep you informed as additional information is shared.


    Meribeth Gaines, Interim Principal

    Dixie Magnet Elementary School


    • Magnet Applications – The magnet application window will open soon! If you or a family you know are interested in your child attending Dixie, you will need to complete the online magnet application between the dates of August 31, 2020 through October 7, 2020.  The application is located on the school and district websites.  Please let your friends know about this wonderful opportunity to attend Dixie. 
    • Tips for Successful Learning Virtually – Please try to do the following: Create a quiet learning space with minimal distractions.  A desk or table somewhere quiet is ideal.  2.  Keep all learning materials organized and accessible to the child.  3.  All learning materials should be kept in the learning space and used only for school. We will be providing you with the necessary materials.   4.  Establish a routine and stick with it!  5. Work with your child’s teacher if you are having any difficulties.  6.  Remember to give yourself and your child some grace.  We know that these are difficult and stressful times.  We will work with you!
    • Virtual Learning Academy Homeschool Information – Many parents have asked about the VLA and homeschooling options for this school year for health or various other reasons. If you opt to do either of these for the 2020-21 school year, you will not lose your magnet status.  This is the only year that this will be allowed.  If you have questions regarding the VLA, please contact: programs@fayette.kyschools.us or have them call 859-381-4741.  If you have signed up for the VLA, you will receive all materials through this program
    • Headphones – One item I recommend having for your children to work virtually next year is headphones. We will be providing headphones for our K students; however, we are not able to purchase these for all students.  If you are not able to purchase these, please contact our FRYSC, Kasey Spicer. 
    • FCPS Student Code of Conduct – Please review the FCPS Student Code of Conduct at https://www.fcps.net/conduct. We will be sending a paper copy home with your child when we return to in-person classes. 
    • Wifi Hotspots – Please contact Kasey Spicer, Dixie’s FRYSC, if your household is not connected to the internet. We will be supplying chromebooks to all students and connectivity if you do not have this available to you, so all students will have the opportunity to work online.  Please email Kasey at spicer@fayette.kyschools.us or call at 859-381-3128
    • SBDM Committees – If you would like to serve as a representative on one of our SBDM Committees, please e-mail Cheri Presley at presley@fayette.kyschools.us. Let Cheri know which committee you would like to volunteer for including: Climate, Equity and Safety, Communication and Family Involvement Professional Development, Technology, Curriculum, Assessment, Accountability and Special Needs, and Health and Safety.  
    • Kindergarten/Magnet Student Registration – If you have not registered your kindergarten or magnet student, please go online at net/register and complete your registration. Please call our Registrar, Deborah Lancaster at 959-381-3116 if you have any questions. 
    • Address Updates –It is that time of year, when we ask parents to update addresses if you have had a change. Please contact Ms. Lancaster, our Registrar at lancaster@fayette.kyschools.us or call at 859-381-3116 if you have had a change in address, phone numbers, etc.


    Important Dates  


    Novemeber 3rd

    Election Day


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