School Leadership

  • A group of administrators at the district office oversees all the school campuses and various programs. The chiefs spend 70 percent or more or their time on instructional issues, while the support specialists help principals with operational matters that are not necessarily germane to instruction.

    List of assigned locations

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  • Elementary

    Chiefs of schools and their cadres

    Heather Bell: Arlington, Breckinridge, Cassidy, Clays Mill, Deep Springs, Dixie, Glendover, Harrison, Julius Marks, Meadowthorpe, Sandersville, Stonewall, Wellington

    Lisa Smith: Booker T. Washington, Brenda Cowan, Cardinal Valley, Garden Springs, Garrett Morgan, James Lane Allen, Lansdowne, Millcreek, Picadome, Rise STEM Academy for Girls, Southern, Squires, Tates Creek, Veterans Park

    Faith Thompson: Ashland, Athens-Chilesburg, Coventry Oak, Liberty, Mary Todd, Maxwell, Northern, Rosa Parks, Russell Cave, William Wells Brown, Yates

    Index of elementary schools

    Administrative assistants: 
    Adrielle Camuel,
    (859) 381-4169 

    Susan Turner,
    (859) 381-4234

  • Middle

    Chiefs of schools and their cadres

    Tracy Bruno: Bryan Station, Crawford, Edythe J. Hayes, Jessie Clark, Winburn

    Interim TBA; meanwhile, contact Tracy Bruno: Beaumont, Leestown, Lexington Traditional Magnet School, Morton, SCAPA at Bluegrass, Southern, Tates Creek

    Index of middle schools

    Administrative assistant
    Chrisie Jackson,
    (859) 381-4168

  • Overall contact for School Leadership

    Schuronda Morton, acting senior director 

    Louise Dobbins, administrative assistant

    Phone: (859) 381-4102

    Location: Room 101 at central office, 701 E. Main St.

    For employees

    In-house resources are posted under the Staff portal.