• The goal of Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning is to close achievement gaps by adjusting our lenses. According to national educator Sharroky Hollie, being culturally and linguistically responsive begins with understanding its meaning and having consensus about how to name it. Culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning speaks to its comprehensiveness and complexity. There is an in-depth focus on culture and language that benefits teachers and learners. The use of the word responsive is strategic and purposeful because it forces a thought process beyond such common monikers as relevance, proficiency, or competency. To be responsive, educators must be willing to validate and affirm students through instruction, which leads to the pedagogical skillset. 

  • What is equity?

  • Why is this necessary?

  • How do we get there?

The Equity Lens

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  • Mission of equity & diversity

    To promote, develop, and support equitable practices and policies for a safe and inclusive school community system;

    To provide assurance of access, representation, and meaningful participation for all.

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