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  • Interested in VLA?

    FCPS Virtual Learning Academy: Profile of a Successful Student

    To determine if the FCPS Virtual Learning Academy is the right fit for your child, review the following checklist. If you can answer yes to each question, VLA may be the right fit for your family!

    • Does your child enjoy working online?
    • As an adult at home, do you have time each day to ensure your student is focused, engaged and completing assignments?
    • Does your child complete homework independently without a lot of reminders from adults in the home?
    • Does your child enjoy completing projects/tasks independently?

    Traits/Characteristics of a Successful VLA Student:

    • Exhibit self-directed learning skills and the ability to work independently.
    • Commit to 4 hours of class work per day or 20 hours per week.
    • Be willing to reach out to teachers if problems arise.
    • Accept critical thinking and decision making as part of the learning process.
    • Establish a good study environment
    • Have effective time-management skills
    • Possess basic technology skills
    • Have continuous access to a computer and Internet service.
    • Feel that high quality learning can take place without going to a traditional classroom.

    Technology Requirements:

    • Dedicated work space
    • Proper internet connection
    • A computer for each student
    • Scanner or mobile device to capture images of assignments for uploading 
    • Headphones, microphone, and webcam to participate in live classes and online discussions 
    • Student supplies (list distributed by each teacher)
    • Printer (recommended)

    Attendance Requirements: Elementary 

    In addition to weekly coursework, students also obtain live instruction from weekly sessions. Students are required to attend the live teacher instruction four days per week. In the event your student cannot attend a live session, they may watch the weekly recordings and recordings of specific standards for additional support. Please be sure to connect with your teacher on absences so he/she can offer additional support for missed instruction.

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  • FCPS purchased over 1000+ ebooks for FCPS students during COVID through SORA.

    SORA Online Books:

    Sora Flyer:

    Teen Book Cloud:

    Video on TBC:

    The Lexington Public Library has now added their collection where FCPS students can login with their school credentials (school email, school password/click on blue Google button) and have access to their ebooks/audiobooks, as well!  Students will have to click on the plus sign and Add a library. Add the Lexington Public Library.
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  • Parent Testimonials

    See what our families are saying about VLA! Parent Testimonials

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  • Student Tech Support

    The district offers technical assistance with FCPS email accounts and Chromebooks. The Student Tech Support line, (859) 381-4480, is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fridays. Translators are available.

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