• Classrooms 

    • Classes will be disinfected by the teacher between transitions (Related Arts, lunch, recess, etc).
    • No students will be in charge of cleaning - only adults to ensure safety.
    • Common materials, manipulatives, class sets, and supplies will be limited and cleaned between use.
    • Classrooms will be provided with extra products to assist with cleaning: sanitizer, district-provided disinfectant spray, wipes, paper towels, etc.
    • Door Knobs, desk areas, chairs, and all other contact areas will be disinfected throughout the day.
    • All classrooms and areas used throughout the building will be fogged daily and between the use of groups.


    • Hand sanitizer will be provided or students may bring personal sanitizer.
    • Students are required to wear a mask. (K-5) If a student does not have a mask, a mask will be provided.
    • Students will be asked to take home extra jackets or shirts from the classrooms daily.
    • Students will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water multiple times throughout the day.
    • Students will practice social distancing and follow safety guidelines set forth by the school and district.


    • Students need to have their Chromebooks and chargers while learning at school and they will remain at school.
    • Students who have not been using a school-issued Chromebook while at home will be issued a school Chromebook for use at school as soon as available.

    Special Areas 

    • Special Areas classes will have 15 minutes between each class to allow for cleaning. Class transitions will be scheduled.
    • Students will bring their own materials.