Harrison Elementary COVID-19 Year End Plan




    NTI packet return process


    The keys to successful NTI:
    🖍spend time learning
    🖍spend time helping at home
    🖍spend time playing
    🖍spend time resting and exercising
    🖍spend time reading



    Updates from Superintendent Manny Caulk



    NTI = Non-Traditional Instruction 

    When school is not in session because of extreme circumstances, Harrison Elementary School is prepared to use non-traditional instruction days (NTI) to provide students with access to course work and continued learning aligned to Kentucky’s academic standards.  To avoid disruptions in learning, we will make both print and digital materials available to students and families.  The full NTI Plan for Families explains our system for delivering instruction, providing feedback, and monitoring progress.

    One crucial element of our plan is frequent two-way communication with families.  Our primary communication tool will be the ClassDojo application. Parents/guardians are asked to accept the invitation from the classroom teacher to enroll in ClassDojo and begin tracking student participation in school.  Families should provide the school with current contact information including an email address and phone number if at all possible, and are requested to notify school immediately when this information changes. 

    Tech support

    If technology support is needed during NTI, families may call the FCPS Technology Help Desk at (859) 381-4410 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. weekdays. 

    NTI Plan for Families