Teacher Expectations for NTI Days

    • Teachers will be available online for students from 8:00-3:00 pm. Teachers will use the Canvas to provide support to students. 
    • Teachers will host Google Meets meetings throughout NTI days to reinforce the learning. 
    • Teachers will invite administrators to participate in Google Meets meetings with students as a tool for teacher observations. 

    Weekly Schedule for NTI Days

    Teachers have the option of providing daily assignments to students or mini PBLs. All lessons are aligned to standards. 

    Teachers will upload lessons to Canvas for the week before 8:00 am. for each NTI day.

    Teachers will upload daily lessons. 

    STEAM students and staff are accustomed to online learning, as Canvas is the learning management system that students and staff are required to use for teaching and learning. Teachers will check students’ progress daily through office hours and Google Meets. Parents also have access to Canvas with the use of the Canvas Parent Portal.  The STEAM Academy administrative team is responsible for reviewing the lessons and PBLs to assure the content is rigorous, appropriate in length, and includes standards, objectives, essential questions, and success criteria. Administrators are listed as teachers on the Canvas accounts of STEAM teachers.  

    Letter to the Senior Class 2020

    Letter to Parents Spring 2020 Grading Proposal

    Grading Proposal Spring 2020

    ZOOM Parent Meetings

    3-25-20 Initial NTI STEAM Academy ZOOM Parent Meeting Recording