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  • Spanish B2SR

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  • It's time to enroll for 2020-21

    How to register your child at Deep Springs


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  • Counselor's Corner & Supports

    Check our Ms. Burks' webpage! 


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  • Message from our Family Resource Center coordinator

    Remember, FRC coordinator Kate O'Ferral is still available via email and phone at (859) 381-3073. Her job is to serve our families and students! If you need rental, utility, food assistance, or summer camp scholarships, please contact Ms. O'Ferral. Funds are limited. There is no shame in asking for help. 

    Free meals for kids

    Any child in Fayette County up to the age of 18 is able to receive free meals from FCPS. Deep Springs Elementary is one of the food distribution sites.

    In addition, families with students who normally receive free or reduced-price meals at school may be eligible to receive financial assistance through the Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) program. Apply by the end of August.

    Tenant rights during COVID-19

    Under Gov. Beshear’s State of Emergency orders, landlords cannot evict families during this time. While they may threaten to change locks or to file eviction, they legally cannot do so. If you are unable to pay your rent in full, you need to pay as much as you can towards the balance. When the State of Emergency is lifted and if landlords file for eviction in court, the documentation of efforts with payments will help considerably toward preventing eviction.

    If your landlord is threatening eviction, you have several options:

    If you own a home and are unable to pay your mortgage in full, please contact your mortgage company as soon as possible. Many companies offer programs and support during times such as these, but they need to know your situation. If you simply do not pay in full or at all and do not contact them, your mortgage is at risk for going into default. 

    Laundry assistance

    Miracle Bubbles Laundromat, in partnership with Kentuckians Sowing Generously, is offering free laundry services (including detergent) for families in need. They are complying with COVID-19 safety procedures so the number of families being served at one time is limited. Make a laundry appointment by email.

    Humana members

    If you are a member of Humana Insurance, be it private or Medicaid, you are eligible for their Humana Basic Needs Program. This program is designed to support families by delivering 14 nutritionally balanced meals (per covered member) and other basic need items. If this would benefit your family and you qualify, please use it! Contact Kelli Soard, Humana Community Management Professional. 

    Community Action Council

    Community Action Council is distributing diapers, baby wipes, baby formula, and hygiene items for individuals/families in low-income households or those who have suddenly lost income. Items will be given as long as they remain available. Call (859) 699-3198 or 693-9828 (Spanish) to make an appointment for pick-up.

    Helpful websites and numbers

    For daily updates on the COVID-19 pandemic

    To file for unemployment

    To file for Medicaid or SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits

    To find possible employment

    To sign up for 60 days of free internet via Spectrum: (855) 243-8892

    For emergency food assistance from God’s Pantry: (859) 259-2308

    Ways to help

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mom would say ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ To this day, especially in times of 'disaster,' I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.” - Mister Rogers

    "One thing I have learned in my 17 years at DSE is that we are truly a community of kindness and action," Ms. O'Ferral said. "And in tough times, our families rally behind one another! I have received numerous emails and calls from families, asking how they can help. Due to the current social distancing protocols, few, if any, community agencies are requesting volunteers or material goods. However, many are still operating to serve family needs. If you wish to help by making a donation, below are some places to consider."

    • Deep Springs FRC (non-perishable food items, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, board/card/family games, and art supplies) 
    • Team Kentucky Fund
    • The Lee Initiative: Restaurant Workers Relief Program
    • God’s Pantry Food Bank
    • United Way COVID-19 Community Response & Recovery Fund
    • The Family Dinner Project

    These are not endorsed by Fayette County Public Schools nor selected for preference; they are simply agencies and funds that have been publicized by our governor and our local community. 

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