Staff Spotlight: Kari Reckart

Art teacher, Russell Cave Elementary

I challenge my students to explore their individual ideas and encourage them to pursue their dreams and goals. All students are capable of learning, and all students have something to contribute in the classroom environment. 

As an art teacher, I aim to explore art as an expression of culture, time and individual identity. My goal as an educator is to assist each student in finding his or her own talents and to teach them new techniques to build higher skill levels and expand their creative capability. 

Fostering the creative spirit of a child is essential in art education, so the classroom environment should include opportunities for students to explore and discover. Because art is a hands-on experience where students apply knowledge through their own creations, students must first gain a sound understanding of the basic principles of art. 

It's our responsibility as educators to prepare and cultivate life-long learners who will become self-disciplined, independent and creative individuals. Education should build the foundations of responsibility, respect and determination while empowering students to achieve academic success.  In my mind, every child has talents, and I hold the responsibility of cultivating an atmosphere for them to flourish.