Staff Spotlight: Michelle Rauch

Multi-media production teacher, Eastside Technical Center

After spending nearly 20 years in television working as a news reporter and anchor, I am excited to bring that experience into the classroom.  In many ways, my new career as a teacher is not unlike that of my years in television. Every day is different and  in spite of having a game plan, you can always count on something throwing you off task. That keeps me on my toes. With that in mind, I am always prepared to relate what happens in the classroom to life in the “real world.” 

I find that relating everyday classroom activities to experiences I had in my previous career gives the material relevance. Students can see that what they are learning in school has added value beyond earning them a grade. I also keep students engaged by encouraging independent thinking. When I give a video assignment in the Multi-Media Production class, that assignment will have technical standards that should be met; however, I tell students I would like to see a dozen different approaches to the same topic. This challenges them to think artistically. From creative writing, to videotaping with an artful eye, to editing the final video that brings it all together, each assignment builds on another to keep students excited about out-doing their own work.