Staff Spotlight: Allison Griffin

Second-grade teacher, Liberty Elementary School

In my five years of teaching, I have learned just as much from my students as I hope they have learned from me. They have taught me how to be a better teacher in many ways. Every child is capable of learning. I believe that learning comes from a combination of a trusting relationship between the teacher and student, an engaging and positive atmosphere, and high expectations.

I try to make the school day just the right balance between consistency and engagement. My students always know what to expect when they walk in my room, but I also try to include little surprises throughout the day, which may include the story we are reading that day or the way we solve/think about math. We also frequently pause for needed movement breaks to help our concentration.

In my classroom, I try to engage my students by teaching through a lot of small groups while giving children the opportunity to build independence (a skill needed at higher grades) with authentic activities during math and reading. This type of teaching structure provides a nice working hum to our day -- the best classroom noise there could be! 

I consider myself a lifelong student of my career. As years pass, I know that I will continue to learn better ways to help my students learn.