Lexington Traditional Magnet School

350 North Limestone • Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: (859) 381-3192 • Fax: (859) 381-3199

School website: www.ltms.fcps.net/

School hours: 9:05 a.m. - 3:55 p.m.

LTMS was built in 1909. It was designed to serve as a high school, but in 1928 it became a junior high. It was replaced in the mid-1960s with a new facility and was renovated in 2003. We focus on traditional values, high educational expectations and strict discipline. Our enriched, structured curriculum develops intellectual skills and concepts for strong academic achievement.

To enter LTMS, students should either live in the assigned attendance area or inquire through the application process. To qualify, they must be reading on grade level and have a "C" average or better in all core content classes. Once the Magnet School Committee has determined eligibility, the students will be placed in the lottery pool.

FCPS online application -- The window typically is Aug. 15 to Oct. 7 for the following school year. It's not a first-come, first-served system. Applications may be submitted anytime during the window, and all receive equal consideration.

What makes our school special

LTMS offers the complete College SpringBoard program in language arts and math. This highly advanced, engaging and critical-thinking curriculum helps prepare students to take Advanced Placement classes in high school and to excel on college entrance exams like the ACT. In addition, LTMS offers accelerated courses in the four core-content areas for students performing two or more grade levels ahead.

Our school has a rich tradition of excellence in chess, math and other academic competitions, and our band and orchestra consistently receive distinguished ratings. LTMS also offers a rich variety of world language courses including Latin, Spanish and French.

Across the board, we actively teach our PROWL guidelines for success:

  • Prepared
  • Respectful
  • On task/On time
  • Winning attitude
  • Lead by example

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