Elementaries spread over four districts in Governor’s Cup

Author: Tammy L. Lane • First Posted: Monday, February 13, 2017

Meadowthorpe, Liberty, and Rosa Parks elementaries led their respective fields in the 2017 Governor’s Cup district-level contests, which concluded on Feb. 11. The Governor’s Cup, which was founded in 1986 to promote classroom achievement, is Kentucky’s premier academic competition. A contest consists of five written assessment exams, composition (on-demand writing), future problem-solving, and quick recall (quiz bowl). 

FCPS standings in District 85
  • Overall: 1st Meadowthorpe; 2nd Ashland; 3rd Maxwell.
  • Future problem-solving: 1st Meadowthorpe; 2nd Ashland.
  • Quick recall: 1st Meadowthorpe; 2nd Ashland; 4th Maxwell.
District 86
  • Overall: 1st Liberty; 3rd Cassidy; 4th Dixie.
  • Quick recall: 2nd Dixie; 3rd Cassidy; 4th Liberty.
District 87
  • Overall: 2nd Athens-Chilesburg.
  • Future problem-solving: 1st Athens-Chilesburg.
  • Quick recall: 2nd Athens-Chilesburg.
District 88
  • Overall: 1st Rosa Parks; 2nd Clays Mill; 3rd Wellington; 4th Garden Springs.
  • Future problem-solving: 1st Rosa Parks; 2nd Clays Mill.
  • Quick recall: 1st Rosa Parks; 2nd Clays Mill; 3rd Wellington; 4th Garden Springs.

Complete details and students’ scores: www.kaac.com/results

The middle grades and high school divisions of Governor’s Cup include district, regional, and state competition. Elementary students participate only in district and regional contests. This year’s elementary competition concludes on March 4.


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