District congratulates 2017 Duke TIP participants

Author: Tammy L. Lane • First Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The nonprofit Duke University Talent Identification Program works with families and educators to identify, engage, and challenge academically gifted and talented students and help them reach their full potential.  

The 7th Grade Talent Search identifies bright students based on their standardized test scores and invites them to take the ACT or SAT, which provides greater insight into their abilities. Participants later have access to education consultants, the Duke TIP Gifted Forum, and other program benefits.   

Of the 227 seventh-graders from Fayette County Public Schools who tested through February of this academic year, 21 qualified for grand recognition and 108 others for state-level honors. Of the more than 50,000 students nationwide who took the exams — all of whom were in the 95th percentile of their grade level — only some 2,100 top scorers were invited to the grand recognition ceremony on May 22 at Cameron Indoor Stadium in Durham, N.C. The statewide ceremony is May 19 at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green. 

(Note: Qualifying students received invitations in April. Those who tested after February do not attend the spring ceremonies; their awards will be mailed in August.)

  • Beaumont Middlegrand: Luca Thorson and Chandler Zhu; state: Nicholas Atchison, Cole Bennett, Victoria Bravo, Caden Carter, Grant Clifford, Mike Coleman, Emma Daman, Caroline Devine, Thomas Dyminski, Noor Eqal, Elizabeth Gordon, Jonathan Grace, Katherine Hazelwood, Annabel Jenkins, Saadhavi Maskey, Grant Prather, Alexandra Seesee, Marissa Talbert, Alaina Thompson, Paul Turley, Craig Upton, and Mason Upton.
  • Bryan Station Middlegrand: Arden Ensor; state: Devin Beall, Rebekah Dutton, Larae Jackson, Erin Kendall, Hannah Muncie, and Corinne Sharrard.
  • Edythe J. Hayes Middle grand: Ghazzal Hammad and Olivia Moore; state: Chandon Adkins, Joshua Adkins, Michael Edington, Harry Overtoom, Nicole Sardinha, Michael Vaughan, and Trevor Wakeland.
  • Jessie Clark Middlegrand: Lindsey Sargent and Jackson Smoroske; state: Charles Arterburn, Isaac Downs, Eric Enerlich, Hailey Hobdy, Alyson Smither, Noah Sprout, and Parker Wilson.
  • Leestown Middle state: Ty Reynolds and Skyler Trowel.
  • Lexington Traditional Magnet state: Alexander Brown and Evan Durham.
  • Morton Middle – grand: Lillian Liau; state: Cayla Barreiro, David Butler, Cooper Cohron, Grant Copeland, Palmer Lee, Nicholas Lentz, Madeleine Lepley, Zain McCoy, Zachary Rossi, Braxton Stevenson, Katherine Taylor, and James Winkler.
  • SCAPA at Bluegrass – grand: Jeremy Browning; state: Sarah Ferguson, Riley Gossage, Julianne Sharpe, Natalie Willett, and Reese Willett.
  • Southern Middle – state: Hallie Bryant and Seth McQuivey.
  • Tates Creek Middlegrand: Benjamin Bratten, Joanna Cholewo, Jacob Cunnagin, Eleanor Dyer, Angela Gao, Emerson Gersony, Irving Morris, Teerth Patel, and Liam Snyder; state: Claire Baumann, Alexandra Bradbury, Luke Buzard, Edward Donson, Eliza Eckmann, Aaron Falk, Ethan Fernandez, Eli Gersony, Joshua Griesinger, Jessica Harrison, Kyle Hart, Kennedy Herring, Landon Jennings, Anna Kovaleva, Oscar Lin, Koen Lin, Alexander Losch, Tessa Milton, Hollyn Mofield-Boswell, Avery Nelson, Ethan Scutchfield, Caitlyn Smith, Venkatesh Suryadevara, Connor Taluskie, Trinity Taylor, Jack Tocash, Jake Walters, Caroline West, Molly Wilcoxson, and Audrey Wirasakti.
  • Winburn Middlegrand: Ayush Kumar, Angela Sun, and Angela Zhang; state: Eleanor Badgett, Anna Bird-Pollan, Jaris Bloom-Doyle, Ellen Bohannon, Anna Chen, Arrington Chen, Eric Chen, James Chen, Edward Lipsitz, Sarah Ming, Delaney Rager, Robert Waits, and Margaret Weaver.

4th-6th Grade Talent Search

Twenty students in FCPS enrolled this year in the 4th-6th Grade Talent Search based on their standardized test scores, and eligibility indicates exceptional academic ability. Participants receive stimulating opportunities through online lessons, publications, a writing contest, and the Duke TIP Book Club. Award ribbons were sent to each school for local recognition this spring. 

  • Bryan Station Middle – Landon Hodge;
  • Garden Springs Elementary – Kaya Amin;
  • Garrett Morgan Elementary – Anthony Condi II;
  • Glendover Elementary – Ian Ransom and Noah Tinch;
  • James Lane Allen Elementary – Kaden Mahoney;
  • Jessie Clark Middle – Jared Eisiminger;
  • Leestown Middle – Oluwatoni Adedokun, Derek Hollifield, Lauren Morris, Alexander Stark, and Warren Wilson III;
  • Meadowthorpe Elementary – Jackson Clifford, Abigail Hiens, and Meredith Lee;
  • Rosa Parks Elementary – Trey Todd;
  • SCAPA at Bluegrass – Mina Hartman;
  • Southern Middle – Audrey Clemmens;
  • Tates Creek Middle – Xavier Routt;
  • Winburn Middle – Daksha Pillai.


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