Rosa Parks chess team places third in national tournament

Author: Tammy L. Lane • First Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A chess team from Rosa Parks Elementary took third place in the K-3 division of the Super Nationals, held May 12-14 in Nashville. Oliver Houchin’s 5.5 points, an individual record, was good for 11th place overall. 

Rounding out the four counting scores were Ahaan Thomas, Elise Trimble, and Kyle Yang, adding 4 points each for a 17.5-point team total. These players were supported by Ramond Yu, Sandyha Karthick, Saikrish Kolli, Rohan Shah, and Samuel Prickett.  

The school’s 16 total players averaged 3.5 wins apiece, scoring a collective 55.5 points. 

“One player breaking even against the level of competition at nationals is really good. A team averaging that kind of production is simply incredible,” according to Coach Alan Trimble. “A third-place finish was not a possibility on my radar, but it shows the unpredictable nature of determined, focused, hardworking, chess-storming players.” 

The school’s K-3 under 700 team, the K-6 under 1000 team, and the K-3 under 1000 team also set records for Rosa Parks chess players.


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