Henry Clay, Dunbar out front early in Governor’s Cup

Author: Tammy L. Lane • First Posted: Monday, January 28, 2013

Henry Clay and Paul Laurence Dunbar high schools took the early leads in the 2013 Governor’s Cup as district-level competition concluded Jan. 26. The Governor’s Cup, which was founded in 1986 as a way to promote and reward outstanding academic achievement, is Kentucky’s premier academic competition.  

FCPS results in District 43
  • Overall: 1st Henry Clay, 2nd Lafayette, 3rd Bryan Station
  • Future problem-solving: TBA*
  • Quick recall: 1st Henry Clay, 2nd Lafayette, 3rd Bryan Station
  • Hume Sportsmanship Award: Bryan Station 
In District 44
  • Overall: 1st Paul Laurence Dunbar, 3rd Tates Creek
  • Future problem-solving: 1st Tates Creek, 2nd Dunbar
  • Quick recall: 1st Dunbar, 3rd Tates Creek
  • Hume Sportsmanship Award: Tates Creek 

A contest consists of five written assessment exams, composition (on-demand writing), future problem-solving and quick recall, also known as quiz bowl. For individual scores and complete details, visit www.kaac.com.* Click on “Governor’s Cup results” in the quick links, choose high school “district,” then hover over Fayette County and pick a school. 

This year’s high school regional contests are Feb. 12 and Feb. 16, and the state finals are March 16-18 in Louisville. 

The middle grades and high school divisions include district, regional and state competition. Elementary students participate in district and regional contests.



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