FCPS seeks proposals for compensation and classification study

Author: Debbie Boian • First Posted: Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fayette County Board of Education is seeking proposals from consulting or professional services firms to conduct a comprehensive compensation and classification study for Fayette County Public Schools. The study will focus primarily on classified personnel (non-exempt) classifications and compensation and supplemental or extra-duty compensation for certified and classified personnel (exempt) classifications. The complete RFP can be reviewed at https://fcps.economicengine.com.

FCPS has 5,370 employees (2,835 teachers and 2,535 support and administrative/office staff) and serves 40,253 students on 53 campuses throughout the county. The district is not currently under any collective-bargaining agreements. The purpose of the classification and compensation study is to address numerous changes in district operations and staffing during the past several years that might have affected the type, scope and level of work performed. (The last study was done in 1997.) The objective is to develop a credible classification and compensation plan that:

  • Takes into account changes in the work environment;
  • Ensures positions performing similar work with essentially the same level of complexity, responsibility and knowledge, skills and abilities are classified together;
  • Provides salaries commensurate with assigned duties;
  • Clearly outlines promotional opportunities and provides recognizable compensation growth (including benefits);
  • Provides justifiable pay differential between individual classes;
  • Maintains currency with relevant labor markets.  

In addition, the district will seek recommendations on staff alignments, reporting relationships and organization structure as well as a proposal for phasing changes within the district’s budget constraints.

Finally, FCPS would request an analysis of compensation for extra duties for extra- and co-curricular activities, as well as professional staff duties such as department chairs, instructional and non-instructional staff development and duties that do not require the supervision of students. 

At the conclusion of the study, the organization will present recommendations to the Board of Education as well as a written report including methods, techniques and data used to develop the plan.  

Proposals are due no later than 11:30 a.m. Friday, Feb. 15. For questions, contact chief operating officer Mary Wright, (859) 381-4165. 



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