All-state ensembles filled with outstanding musicians

Author: Tammy L. Lane • First Posted: Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Every year across Kentucky, high school students compete for spots in several all-state music groups. After making the first cut, they qualify for live auditions in December.

Those who win seats travel to Louisville in February for three days of intense rehearsals with renowned conductors. The groups then perform as featured ensembles at the Kentucky Music Educators Association’s in-service conference.

Fayette County Public Schools congratulates all these young musicians.

All-State Concert Band
  • From Henry Clay High: Anna Kraemer, Bb clarinet; Andrew Osborn, French horn.
  • From Lafayette High: Melanie Burrier, flute; Stella Sharpe, oboe; Marie Armbruster, oboe; Michael Balko, trumpet.
  • From Paul Laurence Dunbar High: Michelle Peregrim, Bb clarinet; Youn Seon Han, Bb clarinet.
  • From Tates Creek High: Micah Tatum, bass clarinet; Alex Gray, trumpet; Jimmy Corcoran, mallets.
All-State Jazz Band
  • From Henry Clay High: Walter Cox, trombone.
  • From Lafayette High: Philip Moore, drums.
All-State Symphonic Band
  • From Henry Clay High: Nathan Bush, alto saxophone; Daniel Polk, trumpet.
  • From Lafayette High: Chloe McIntosh, flute; Meredith Burns, oboe; Turner Hawkins, bassoon; Maria Kidd, Bb clarinet; Joseph Wrightson, also saxophone; Danny Alford, trombone; Chris Baldani, euphonium; George Summers, tuba.
  • From Paul Laurence Dunbar High: Katie Thompson, flute; Aaron Hudson, bass clarinet; Leia Wedlund, trumpet; Yuki Inoue, trombone; Blake Stahl, tuba.
  • From Tates Creek High: Diashamar Marshall, trumpet.
All-State Symphony Orchestra
  • From Bryan Station High: Stephen Parsons, violin II; James Hardin, viola; Kathryne Harris, viola; Logan Jackson, viola; Allie Wood, viola; Cameron Jackson, cello.
  • From Henry Clay High: Vanessa Fu, violin I; Jessie Zhu, violin I; Chris Chow, violin II; Caroline Miracle, violin II; Allen Tsai, violin II; Kevin Xie, violin II; Julia McCorvey, viola; Rachel Lorch, cello; James Piper, flute.
  • From Lafayette High: Jonathan Karp, violin I; Heeju Son, violin I; Ole Wendroth, violin II; Sarah Grindle, viola; Alison Ward, viola; Alex DeMoll, cello; Emily Farrer, cello; Nicholas Blackburn, bass; Benjamin Healy, bass; Tyler Turcotte, bass, Emily Wilson, French horn; Clay Gonzalez, trombone.
  • From Paul Laurence Dunbar High: Jessie Li, violin I; Andrew Quick, violin I; Stephanie Tseng, violin I; Maria Wu, violin I; Matthew Wu, violin I; Mike Yang, violin I; Enoch Yeh, violin I; Morgan Quick, violin II; Harper Smith, violin II; Randy Tsai, violin II; Sarah Bush, viola; Sarah Goad, viola; Abbey Smiley, viola; Chongho Jeon, cello; Jackie Young, cello; Cody Putman, bassoon.
  • From Tates Creek High: Tamara Hounshell, violin I; Hannah Kim, violin I; Cynthia Springer, violin II; Coleman Pelfrey, tuba.
All-State Commonwealth Strings Orchestra
  • From Bryan Station High: Marylynne Anderson-Cooper, violin II; Peyton Thomas, violin II; Jenna Roseman, violin II; Michael Parsons, viola.
  • From Henry Clay High: Kristen Morrill, violin I; Varun Ramakrishnan, violin II; Logan Garrity, viola; Morgan Varble, viola.
  • From Lafayette High: Michael Goffinet, violin I; Will Akel, violin II; Maya McCutchen, violin II; Sarah MacDonald, viola; Julia Mead, cello; Robert Wendroth, cello; Anna Wilson, cello.
  • From Paul Laurence Dunbar High: Aaron Karp, violin I; Albert Kim, violin I; Alex Lucas, violin I; Melanie Schmocker, bass.

For more information about the bands, please contact Lois Wiggins; for orchestra details, e-mail Nancy Campbell.



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