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Any child who turns 5 on or before Oct. 1 is eligible to start full-day kindergarten in August. To enroll a student, families should go to the school their neighborhood is assigned to and fill out a registration packet. Visit the online street directory to find your school. Note that two brand-new elementaries will open in August 2016: Coventry Oak and Garrett Morgan.

Registration windows for the 2016-2017 school year: June 6-7 and and July 26 through Aug. 10 (first day of school). Hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays.

For questions about enrollment, call (859) 381-4130. For resources to help children transition to kindergarten, call (859) 381-4307

Early entry option: Parents of a 4-year-old with high levels of aptitude and maturity may request for their child to start a year early if he is turning 5 on or before Dec. 31. The process includes an application, testing, and collection of anecdotal information for determining a student’s ability to succeed in kindergarten. The screening includes a language, numbers and general intellect test, and the minimum requirements are a 96 percent on all three.

Please mail the completed application to Fayette County Public Schools, 1126 Russell Cave Road, attn. Deena Jones in IAKSS room 206, Lexington KY 40505, or return it via email to Deena Jones. Testing is scheduled in the spring. 

Countdown to Kindergarten

countdown"Countdown to Kindergarten" spotlights the importance of early learning activities and family involvement in education while also providing residents with a range of entertaining programs. Thanks to the joint efforts of local organizations, children registered to start kindergarten in August have a summer full of free and low-cost activities to help them get ready for their first day of school. | 2016 schedule | The back story

Kindergarten Kickoff

This late-summer informal orientation gets children and families into the school spirit! Parents can fill out paperwork, tour the school and meet other families and a few teachers. Meanwhile, school staff will screen children to assess their readiness for kindergarten. Don't panic if your child cannot do everything on the list. Simply start to introduce the new skills by embedding them throughout your daily routines -- counting bananas at the grocery store and finding words around the house that begin with certain letters. Remember, it's also important to work on your child's following directions, listening and getting along with others.

Expectations in FCPS
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  • Each school has its own website, where you can find school supply lists, important dates and timely information. | List of elementaries

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