Experienced-Based Career Education (EBCE)

EBCE is an academic internship program that uses the classroom and the community to provide hands-on career exploration. By using the expertise of business people and other community resources, students also learn practical applications on a job site.

EBCE is a year-long course providing high school seniors with academic credit. All five high schools have a learning coordinator supervising the 30 to 60 seniors enrolled. Each student experiences five academic internships through the school year.

Students schedule one- to three-hour blocks (two to four days a week) for a five- to six-week period to enter the community and explore career options through direct experience. The remaining day, the student stays at school working with the learning coordinator to examine self-interests, aptitudes and career interests. Each student has an experience tailored to his interests and aptitudes.

Application process

High school juniors may check with their school's EBCE coordinator for details. Those accepted into the program sign up for EBCE as an elective class in their senior year.

To be considered, students must maintain a successful academic and attendance record, interview with the school's EBCE learning coordinator, and present referrals from teachers that assure the student is mature and responsible.

For current EBCE students


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