What we do:

We provide safe and efficient transportation from home to school and back, and for activity trips. This task is achieved by coordination between our drivers and driver assistants and by the behind-the-scenes work of training, routing, mechanical and safety specialists. Our bus drivers receive extensive training, their records are thoroughly checked, and all applicants are tested for drugs and alcohol use.

How to find us:

Our school bus terminals are at 2264 Liberty Road and at 780 Miles Point Way. The main phone number is (859) 381-3855, the fax number is (859) 381-3865, and the email address is

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For questions about …

Bus routes

Bus Route Finder -- Families can plug in their home address to see their children's bus stops, bus numbers and pickup times. For students attending magnet schools and gifted & talented programs, please follow the link in the top left hand corner of the Bus Route Finder for buses and stops.

Note: Routes are subject to change anytime, especially during the first few months of school.


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