How does a school become a Title I school?

The federal government says district administrators must choose one day during the school year to count all of the students who qualify for free or reduced lunches. This number is compared to the school's enrollment on that same day. The comparison results in a percentage of free/reduced eligibility.

The district must use Title I funds to serve, in rank order, its schools with 75 percent free/reduced lunch or more. Then administrators have the option to continue with the districtwide ranking or rank the remaining schools by grade-span grouping (elementary, middle, high). In Fayette County, we choose to rank the remaining schools by grade-span grouping.

For the 2016-17 school year, FCPS uses Title I funds for elementary schools with a free/reduced lunch rate of 40 percent and higher and secondary schools with a free/reduced lunch rate of 60 percent and higher. The following schools receive Title I funds for schoolwide programs:

  • Academy for Leadership at Millcreek
  • Arlington Elementary
  • Ashland Elementary
  • Booker T Washington Elementary
  • Breckinridge Elementary
  • Bryan Station High School
  • Bryan Station Middle School
  • Cardinal Valley Elementary
  • Coventry Oak Elementary
  • Crawford Middle School
  • Deep Springs Elementary
  • Dixie Magnet Elementary
  • Garden Springs Elementary
  • Glendover Elementary
  • Harrison Elementary
  • James Lane Allen Elementary
  • Julius Marks Elementary
  • Lansdowne Elementary
  • Leestown Middle School
  • Lexington Traditional Magnet School
  • Liberty Elementary
  • Mary Todd Elementary
  • Meadowthorpe Elementary
  • Northern Elementary
  • Picadome Elementary
  • Russell Cave Elementary
  • Southern Elementary
  • Southern Middle
  • Squires Elementary
  • Tates Creek Elementary
  • Tates Creek Middle
  • William Wells Brown Elementary
  • Winburn Middle School
  • Yates Elementary


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