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The school district's instructional calendar and preschool calendar include key dates for students such as the first day of classes and holidays. PDFs are updated after FCPS confirms and announces weather make-up dates.

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In print

Students receive a copy of the annual FCPS family handbook and calendar during the first week of school. It contains more details, such as the state testing windows and events like Teacher Appreciation Week. Additional copies of the printed calendar are available at "It's About Kids" Support Services, 701 E. Main St.


You also can refer to our online calendar* for additional dates such as arts performances, educational community events and more:

With this interactive calendar, you can view all the listings or select a category to read only those of interest. You also can search for a specific listing. There are options for selecting date ranges, locations and display formats. You can even set up email reminders, download events into various calendar formats, or print a calendar view.

To submit an item for consideration in the online listings, please email the website editor.


* The online calendar is updated after FCPS confirms and announces weather make-up dates.

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