Frequently Asked Questions

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How old does my child have to be to attend kindergarten?

All children who turn  5 years old on or before Oct. 1 are eligible for kindergarten. Find enrollment information here. 

Can my child attend preschool?

Eligibility for the Fayette County Preschool Program (formerly called Early Start) is determined by age and income criteria (age 4) or diagnosed special need (age 3 or 4).

How do I know what schools my neighborhood is assigned to?

We have an online street directory that will look up your specific address and tell you what elementary, middle and high schools serve that area.

Which school board district do I live in?

Use the online  searchable database of voter information to figure out your school district or refer to these maps. 

How do I email someone in the school system?

Most FCPS email addresses follow this form: Of course, this method isn't failsafe unless you are certain of the spelling of the name, and sometimes people use different names. Here are a couple of ways to locate an email address for a FCPS employee. If the person is based in a school (a teacher, principal or staff member), you should be able to find the address using our school email directory. If the person works at "It's About Kids" Support Services, you might find them in our IAKSS staff directory.  

How can I get a copy of my high school transcript?

Transcripts are issued by each Fayette County high school for their respective graduates. Call the registrar at your alma mater for assistance. | Phone list

How do I get my GED?

We refer GED applicants who are 16 and older and no longer in school to the Bluegrass Community & Technical College adult education program or other local sites. | Details 

My children are really bright. How can I get them involved in accelerated programs?

Special opportunities are available for children who excel in academics, visual or performing arts, or leadership. Call (859) 381-4741.

When roads are icy or snow is forecast, how do I know if school will be canceled?

Families are alerted via an automated emergency notification system, and school closings are posted on the district's home page, Facebook and Twitter, Channel 13 and local television and radio stations. | Details

When does the school board meet?

The Board of Education holds two regular business meetings each month - one to review the agenda and one to take action. The meetings normally fall on the second and fourth Monday, respectively. | Schedule



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