Kentucky Core Content Test / KCCT (archives)

The Kentucky Core Content Test was a series of state tests designed to measure how well students were learning required material in reading, math, science, social studies and writing. Results were shown as the percentage of students, broken down by subgroup, who scored novice, apprentice, proficient or distinguished.

These tests were rewritten as part of Unbridled Learning: College/Career Readiness for All, a new accountability system that rolled out in 2011-2012.

In the interim, the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence, the Kentucky Association of School Councils, and the Council for Better Education developed a way to calculate a single score for each school in the state. Their formula was as similar to the old CATS score as possible, but these new index scores could not be compared with previous years because the General Assembly did away with writing portfolios and tests in arts & humanities and practical living & vocational studies.


In order to gauge annual growth or decline, the three groups recalculated past years' test results with the new formula, allowing our community to see trends for the past few years. Like the old CATS scores, these numbers ranged from 0 to 140, with a score of 100 or above representing that a school had reached proficiency.



In past years, the KCCT results were included in the calculation of school and district scores on CATS, the Commonwealth Accountability Testing System.


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